Posted by marc April 21, 2016
Tako plush

In 2010 UK duo Tado teamed up with Kidrobot to create their cutest plushie ever. Tako, named for the Japanese word for "octopus", featured big, embroidered kawaii eyes, a puckered mouth, a bandage on his forehead, ten arms (yup, octopi have arms, not tentacles), and plenty of suckers. This giant ball of adorableness stood an impressive 10 inches tall, perfect for displaying on your bed or shelf. And at $19.99, it was pretty much a no-brainer for any designer toy fans who have a taste for cute animals, especially considering how much work must have gone into getting all those suckers on there.

These days, Tako is a tough find. You'll have to reach to the depths of the Internet ocean to find one for a decent price. The only example I could find was $170. Oof! Keep fishin'.

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