Posted by kristina April 01, 2016
Wesker Zhan Jack The Rascal Black Colorway & Prints at Myplasticheart

Tonight is the opening of Wesker Zhan's Jack The Rascal mini-exhibit at myplasticheart! The show includes a wall display of Jack The Rascal toys in various hues (imagine a rainbow of these-and yes you can purchase them!) as well as Zhan himself at attendance to sign and give sketches.

There will be a super limited release of a pink and black Jack The Rascal colorway during the signing. Unlike previous Jack The Rascals that have a run of 100 pieces, this exclusive run will be limited to just 5! There will also be two silkscreen prints that will be available for purchase during the exhibition. Each print has a limited run of 10 each.

Pink & Black Jack The Rascal and the prints will be $40 each. You will also have a chance to purchase any of Jack The Rascals on the wall display for $45 each. If you're unable to attend myplasticheart tonight be sure to check out their website for any remaining goodies from the show!

Read more Wesker Zhan here | Read more vinyl here


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