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Posted by brittandpuppycat May 20, 2016
Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez: Mastermind of the Beautifully Grotesque

Have you seen Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez's new exhibition, "Shrunken Heads", at The Clutter Gallery yet? If you haven't, it's available to view here! Ever since his last exhibition in 2013, Peep Show, we've been anxiously awaiting new works from Carlos, and we have been blown away with his new pieces!

Carlos is a world-renowned, Venezuelan artist, having shown in galleries from New York to Barcelona.  His works are a reflection of existence through sublime and grotesque imagery, frequently using genitalia and alien elements in contrast to sacred allusions.

Best known for his beautifully monstrous piece Vagina Brain Monster, his pieces are highly regarded among his peers and have attracted a passionate and dedicated fanbase.  He has sold work to prevalent artists worldwide.


Carlos's work has even been featured on BBC's The Man with the Golden Gavel. The episode highlighted Carlos's famous Vagina Brain Monster and the 7.5" tall Magical Vagina. Check out this clip from the show! 

We are honored to have the privilege to show such an artist of Carlos's caliber at The Clutter Gallery. Pieces from "Shrunken Heads" are available to purchase at The Clutter Gallery. Each piece is one of the kind and intricately detailed. Be sure to pick up the one you have your eye on before it's gone!

Read more about Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez here.


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