Posted by marc May 26, 2016
Devil Dog Secret Base

Formed in 2006 and headed by John Cafiero, Osaka Popstar was a pop punk band featuring members of The Misfits, Black Flag, and The Ramones. The band's subject matter and visual identity revolved around Japanese pop culture and anime. Fittingly enough, they adopted a super kawaii mascot with a punk edge called Devil Dog. This character was featured on the band's merch, in music videos, and in 2008, in vinyl. Produced by Secret Base, Devil Dog featured articulation at the neck, arms, and tail, and came with a pitchfork accessory. The original colorway, Skeleton Suit, was limited to 200 pieces. A Candy Corn colorway soon followed, which was limited to 100 pieces. 150 pieces of a Clear Red version was produced, and a DIY version was limited to 50 pieces.

Even though these pups are way cute and were pretty limited, you can still pick up the OG and Candy Corn versions for $60 each at Osaka Popstar's official web store.

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