Posted by marc May 05, 2016
ESC-Toy Medusa

Let's go back to 2009, shall we? That's when Erick Scarecrow and ESC-Toy released Medusa, a 10-inch vinyl figure with, you guessed it, snakes instead of hair. While the traditional Medusa of course comes from Greek mythology, this version of the Gorgon is more at home in New York City. The head, snakes, and ankles are articulated, and the upper of the sneakers flip up to reveal additional snake heads. The real treat here is the sculpting, though. The stylized anatomy is spot on and those pants are just ridiculously well-done.

Medusa was offered in three colorways: the red, white, and black Black Mamba, the green, pink, and purple Poison Berry Konstricta; and the aqua, silver, and white Brooklyn Boa. These figures are nearly impossible to find, but there is one Brooklyn Boa left in ESC-Toy's official online shop. And if you're craving more Erick Scarecrow, check out his current Kickstarter campaign here.

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