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Posted by brittandpuppycat June 17, 2016
Celebrate Seulgie's Satyr's First Birthday at myplasticheart!

Happy Birthday, Satyr!


On June 18th, Satyr, the super adorable and ethereal creation from artist Seulgie, turns one! Join Satyr, Seulgie and myplasticheart on Saturday, June 18th, 1pm EST for a special celebration at


This special edition Satyr, with its glittery, soft pink and baby blues got a makeover as a majestic unicorn!  Satyr will be ready for the party with its little, heart-shaped balloons in pink, green and yellow. And the packaging – oh my! The silver star confetti inside the packaging makes it look like the Satyr is in a birthday snow globe… So much cuteness in one even more cute box! I might just explode from all of this cuteness!


Each Birthday Satyr runs for $130 each, with a limited edition of 12 pieces. Each satyr is completely handmade! Don't miss this special opportunity – You only turn one once!



Read more about Seulgie here.


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