Posted by marc June 16, 2016
Dragon Quest VII 3DS Release Date

Sometimes throwing a hissy fit to get what you want totally works. Dragon Quest VII was, if you ask me, a trainwreck of a game - for its time. Don't get me wrong; it's a good game, but being released in North America just two months before Final Fantasy X, the disparity between the two staple series of JRPGs was never clearer. DQVII's cheap-looking 2D visuals were terribly disappointing when seen next to the detailed 3D models, lush environments, and mesmerizing particle effects of FFX. But underneath the graphics was a solid 100+ hour game with several books' worth of dialog.

Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI were redesigned and re-released for Nintendo DS, so fans expected the same for VII once the 3DS rolled around. And while a 3D remake of the game was announced for Japan, English-speaking fans were beyond disappointed when Square-Enix announced that the game would not make it out of Japan, citing the extensive dialog - which would need a re-translation - as the culprit. Fans, naturally, complained until Square-Enix relented and stated that the game would indeed be translated. But we didn't have a firm release date until this week. September 16 will finally see the release of a modernized Dragon Quest VII. Clear your schedules because this game is enormous.

And once you're done with DQVII, a 3DS remake of DQVIII will be on its way. This one isn't quite as exciting, as the original PS2 game is still completely playable and has better graphics and audio capabilities than the 3DS, so this is more of a "demake" than anything, in my opinion. I can still complain that we're never getting Dragon Quest X over here, though, and start saving my pennies for a PS4, since Dragon Quest XI will be out in a year or two.

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