Posted by marc June 07, 2016
Odin Sphere PS4

Remember back in the day when game publishers couldn't ship broken games and then patch them later on over the Internet? While that practice is pretty annoying, what's even worse is a permanently messed up game. And that's exactly what we got when Vanillaware and Atlus released Odin Sphere for PS2 in 2007. The action RPG featured screens full of enemies, special effects, and beautiful environments, all rendered in a modern 2D style. All of this eye candy was too much for the PS2, making the game slow to a crawl during battles, ruining what would have otherwise been a nearly perfect game. Nearly 10 years later and we're getting a revised version of the game that runs at a steady 60 frames per second, features HD graphics, and tweaks small gameplay annoyances. The story and basics of the game remain intact, making this the definitive version of Odin Sphere, and a game any RPG fan with a current PlayStation system should pick up.

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