Posted by marc July 07, 2016
Jinx Geralt Figure

The Witcher 3 came out at the perfect time, stealing the wind from The Elder Scrolls’ sails and blowing the minds of Western RPG fans. Over a year after the game’s initial release, the game is still going strong, with an expansion pack, a card game spinoff, and new merch being released. One piece of merch our readers will definitely be interested in is J!NX’s Geralt of Rivia vinyl figure. This stylized rendition of the protagonist takes the super-deformed aesthetic vinyl toys are known for but keeps Geralt’s badassery completely intact.


Standing 6.7 inches tall, the figure looks fittingly imposing next to a shelf full of mini-figures. His slight hunch and emotive eyes add to its attitude. There are several points of articulation - neck, shoulders, and wrists - making the figure easy to pose. You might not be able to get a convincing attacking stance out of him, but if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re probably more in the market for an action figure than a vinyl toy. The legs and feet are not articulated, but the fact that the figure is very easy to balance makes up for this. My only tiny complaint is with the right hand. The left hand is left open, but the right hand looks like it can hold one of the two included swords. But getting a sword in his hand is pretty difficult and resulted in a bit of the hilt’s paint rubbing off. Also, the sword doesn’t sit quite well in his hand. Therefore, I’m not completely sure if he is meant to hold the accessories or not.

Speaking of paint, the color palette is a great simplification of the game’s character model. The leathery browns and cloth grays are spot on, but I think the navy blue from Geralt’s suit could be a bit darker in the figure. In the game’s lore Geralt has lost most of the pigment in his skin and hair, so his pale skin color works here and his hair color is particularly cool. Rather than going with a straight gray value, J!NX chose a slightly warmer color, which literally makes it look like it’s slightly glowing. This is one of my favorite parts of the figure. Another perfect touch is the metallic paint used for the spikes on Gerlat’s gloves and boots, swords, and wolf crest, as well as the chainmail pattern on his armor. There are a few instance of paint spotting and a tiny bit of misalignment, but for a $30 toy, I can’t complain.

Where J!NX really gets my nod of approval is the overall design of the figure. Rather than cashing in on the popularity of Fuko's POP! toys and creating a super simple, cookie cutter design, they took an edgier approach. This figure isn’t cute; it's mean. It might be super deformed, but it still looks like it will kick the crap out of everything else on your shelf. They didn’t cut corners, either. For example, rather than simply spraying a line of paint on Gerlat’s left eye to recreate his signature scar, they actually sculpted the scar into his face.

The Witcher 3 Gerlat of Rivia figure from J!NX is a must-have for anyone who loves both vinyl toys and The Witcher 3, and is a very impressive showing as J!NX’s first vinyl toy. The figure is up for pre-order for $29.99 and will ship out later this month.


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