Posted by marc July 08, 2016
Kidrobot Andy Warhol

I've been so excited for this Dunny series that it's felt like I've been waiting forever. Today, the full set of 3 inch Andy Warhol Dunnys are available in-store and online, with plushies and 8 inch Dunnys still on their way. The series recreates some of Andy's most well-known work, including Banana, the Brillo box, Soup Can, Marylin Monroe, and more. Personally, I'll be trying to pick up the TV, Brillo, and small Banana variants. The first 50 people to order a full case will also get a super limited green and gold dollar sign print Dunny. $12 will get you a single blindbox and $240 will get you a full case and the extra Dunny when you buy 'em straight from Kidrobot.

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