Posted by Miranda July 20, 2016
"The Blank Show" round up @ Clutter Gallery!

Saturday, July 9th saw a fantastic opening for "The Blank Show" at Clutter Gallery (as part of Beacon NY's Second Saturday art walk). A custom designer toy event of Huck Gee's Blank platform, each participating artist customized a blank 7" figure. The turnout was fantastic with fans and new collectors alike enjoying the amazing pieces on display. The standard of the work in this show was amazing, the attention to detail, execution and concepts put this show on the map. 

Participating artists included;

Artmymind, Charles Rodriguez, Daniel Fleres, Doktor A, Dolly Oblong, Fakir, Frank Montano, Goreilla, J*RYU, Jenn & Tony Bot, Joe Ledbetter, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Jonathan LEgarte, Kevin Gosselin, Malo April, Otto Björnik, Quiccs, RXSeven, Squink, kaNO, Huck Gee, Buff Monster, Luke Chueh, Jamie Lee Cortez, Sket-One, Jason Freeny, Jesse Hernandez, MAD, Rsin, Camilla d'Errico.

If you haven't been down to check it out yet, the show will be up until Aug 5th, so there is still time! A huge thank you to Huck for allowing us to host his platform, and for flying in for the opening.


Huck posted this quote from a fan which we think perfectly sums up the feeling from everyone involved:

"Seeing the full reveals this morning excites me, this show has single handedly revived my interest in the scene. The level of work and craftsmanship in this show I believe has never been reached before by anyone, Huck you and all involved have done an incredible job, stunning work by each and every artist. You've pulled together literally some of the best custom toys of all time in my opinion ...thanks for inspiring me..."


A big thank you to all of the attendees and a huge thank you to all of the artists for making this another fantastic exhibition! All of the remaining pieces from the show are available now online.

IMG_1587.jpg, by Miranda


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