Posted by kristina July 08, 2016
Rato Kim WatermelonCat

If you thought Rato Kim's UglyCat wasn't cute enough you might just squeal over WatermelonCat-I know I did! WatermelonCat is designed by Kim and uses her BoxCat platform to create a tasty looking custom just in time for summer. It looks so yummy and cute! WatermelonCat is hand cast in resin with red and green details. Each BoxCat will have black and yellow seeds painted so no two WatermelonCats will look the same!

These customs are made to order and the only way you can get your hands on one is to email Kim directly. WatermelonCat will cost you $65 but the cutest is worth every penny! Head over to Kim's Facebook or Instagram to learn how to order. But don't wait too long pre-orders are open until July 13, 2016!

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