Posted by marc July 26, 2016

The Sonic x Kidrobot news is coming as fast as the Blue Blur himself. Kidrobot have revealed line art for the blindbox mini figure series and keychain series, as well as an image of the finished vinyl medium figure. The series will be sticking with Sonic's traditional 16-bit look rather than going with a stylized take on the characters or using their updated designs. And it looks like the keychains will be flat as opposed to sculpted 3D figures. There will be 14 figures and 18 keychain designs. And the medium figure is something new for Kidrobot, as it's not just a figure but a full-on diorama. Sonic is posed mid-Spindash on a Green Hill Zone patch of land complete with flowers and rings. A cardboard backdrop is provided to complete the scene.

Kidrobot are nailing this collaboration and I'm hoping we see more medium figures down the road. By the way, any fans of OG Sonic the Hedgehog will be excited for Sonic Mania, coming next year.


Check out more Sonic here | See more Kidrobot here


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