Posted by marc August 18, 2016

Everybody and their mom wants a painting by Canadian pop surrealist Alex Garant. Sure, you could grab an open edition print or even a hand-embellished print at an affordable rate. But a real-deal piece of original art from Garant is ideal. But you'll have to drop at least a grand on an oil on canvas. To make her original art available to a broader audience, Alex has started to create watercolor and ink studies, the first of which will be available at the Strange Beauty exhibition at Melbourne's Bein Art Gallery. Ringing in at just under $400, the 12"x16" pieces are rendered on rag paper and replicate her double-vision oil painting style. You can check out the entire exhibition, which also features Mahlimae, Adipocere, and Courtney Brims right here.

See more illustration here | See more events here


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