Posted by Miranda August 24, 2016
GID Green Camo Mister Melty by Buff Monster

Are you ready for a brand new colorway of Buff Monsters Mister Melty? Then you are in luck! Coming this Friday (Aug 26th 10am EST), exclusively to is a Glow in the Dark, Green version of this 3" tall classic. Sold in a painted green (with 4 shades of green to create a soft camouflage pattern), and an unpainted GID, they will be $30 and come bagged with a header card. Better get in fast!

84e75572-98c2-42ad-9cd0-cef12e8e4ef0.jpg, by Miranda
cd083df9-ae62-418e-9d08-f9a5e480df6f.gif, by Miranda
512fc0d2-0910-4e4c-8088-ad57832709d1.jpg, by Miranda



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