Posted by marc August 03, 2016

Just in time for the release of DC’s Suicide Squad, Mighty Jaxx - under their XXRAY label - have teamed up with three superhuman artists to create the first installment of an entire series of dissected members of the Justice League and their enemies. Mighty Jaxx were kind enough to send a review set our way, featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. So strap in, old chum, because these bifurcated heroes kick ass.

My first impression was that these figures, despite having their skeletons, organs, and entrails exposed, are freakin’ adorable. People love babies, kittens, and puppies because they have big heads and enormous eyes. We’re evolutionarily compelled to get that “dawww” feeling when we see those attributes. The same goes for these toys: Their super-deformed designs, created by Ben Qwek, offset the macabre theme. And their pocket-sized 4-inches in height only adds to the cuteness.

Next, I noticed just how detailed the sculpting - provided by Adam Tan - is. These uniforms are clearly based on the New 52 designs, first revealed in 2011, that look more like futuristic armor than skin-tight Spandex. Grooved accents, which are typically reserved for higher-end scults - help define the figures’ forms and make the characters look like they’re ready for a fight, despite their diminutive stature. The faces - or in Batman’s case, his cowl - are kept simple, which is a great decision, as this keeps their childlike demeanor in tact. One really impressive aspect of the Superman figure is, oddly enough, his hair. The lines are are so smooth and perfectly spaced that it borders on hypnotic. Batman’s spiked gauntlets are another nice touch of badassery, and Wonder Woman comes complete with her Lasso of Truth.

The real draw here, of course, is the dissection, courtesy of Jason Freeny, who took the time to make sure each skeleton is different. The skulls are the biggest differentiator between the three. Batman’s looks a bit more antagonistic than Superman’s, and Wonder Woman’s is noticeably taller, features more oblong eye sockets and a more pronounced cheek bone. I also noticed that Wonder Woman’s bones - especially her ribs - have a bit flatter of a texture than Batman’s or Superman’s. This wasn’t a matter of creating one skeleton and copying and pasting it onto other characters. Each one has its own nuances. And below the skeletons are the organs. You’ve got to wonder if Freeny has some sort of shrink-ray to get all those tiny details in.

While the design and sculpting are exceptional, I’d have to say that the painting is still good, but not quite on par. The color selection is perfect: Batman in his gray and black with yellow accents, Wonder Woman in red, white, and silver, and Superman in metallic blue, red, and yellow. Plus each skeleton is colored a different shade of off-white. The issue is more in the execution, with the perimeter of some details not being well defined or bleeding into other areas. This is especially evident in the guts. But to be fair, we’re dealing with $20 figures which have extremely small details, so I’d chalk this up more to nitpicking than an actual problem with the toys.

My only real issue is with the balance of the figures. I never had an issue getting Wonder Woman to stand on her own, but Batman and Superman just didn’t want to stay standing. The figures’ feet are all perfectly flat, so I’m wondering if there’s an imbalance between the standard half and the dissected half of the toys. That said, they have a nice weight to them. Though the packaging says that they’re vinyl toys - likely meant to connote “designer toys” - these are made of solid PVC. But they’re still light enough that a dab of museum wax will keep them from falling over.

Overall these figures are awesome and will appeal to fans of the DC universe, collectors of Jason Freeny’s work, and designer toy collectors in general. $20 gets you a unique and adorable take on one of DC’s most famous crime fighters, making it a low cost but high value piece for anyone who wants to start collecting Jason Freeny’s toys. We’re definitely looking forward to the next wave of figures featuring Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and more.

You can pick up any or all three of these toys at Mighty Jaxx retailers like myplasticheart or Rotofugi.


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