Posted by kristina August 08, 2016
tokidoki Donutella & Friends Vinyl Preview

I'm pretty much down for any and all tokidoki, so whenever the brand or Simone Legno posts up sneak peeks of new products I immediately get pumped and already putting money aside for it. I was having the same feelings when Legno posted up the above picture on his Instagram of a prototype from a new series called Donutella and Her Sweet Friends last week. And this preview, even though it's just one piece, is so frigging cute!

Donutella is already a popular tokidoki character but the addition of more donut characters makes this sneak peek ever sweeter! A mini plush blind box series of Donutella and her friends was released a few years ago but now it looks like they'll finally be available in vinyl form. Looks like it's going to be 11-12 characters, including classic and new tokidoki characters. If the packaging in this photo shows all the characters featured in the series I'm ready to buy a case of these NOW.

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