Posted by marc September 08, 2016

The elusive Poopasus, the creature that leaps out of airbrushed vans at night and leaves a fragrant present by your bedside. Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura have cast the endangered species in resin for preservation. Each hand-cast and hand-painted Poopasus comes with a wee rider and a tiny turd.

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Poopasus, featuring a white coat, yellow wings, and a pink mane and tail is limited to $25 pieces and will cost $90.

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Poopasus' eternal nemesis, Evil Poopasus, sports a black coat, purple wings, and a blue mane and tale. This one is limited to 15 pieces but sticks to the $90 price tag.

You can pick up either or both of these magestic beasts at My Switcheroo now.

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