Posted by marc September 14, 2016

Sonic Mania, while horribly titled, is probably my most anticipated game of 2017. Rather than continuing the 2.5D look of Sonic 4, this game imagines what a Sonic the Hedgehog game on the Sega Saturn would have been like, and I'm completely on board. A lack of a "real" Sonic game on the Saturn was one of the biggest nails in SEGA's hardware business coffin. Even the marketing for the game is spot-on. Promotional graphics feature the bold background colors and '90s patterns that accompanied the original 16-bit games. The bad part? As is often the case these days, publishers don't feel that 2D games are worthy of a physical releases, relegating them to download-only status. Sonic Mania is no exception, but that won't stop SEGA from releasing a limited edition package for the game. And I've got to say, it's pretty tempting. The flagship piece of the box is a statue of Sonic standing on a Model 1 Genesis (AKA Mega Drive). At the flick of the switch, the "SEGA!" chant plays. Also included are a metallic card that has a download key printed on it and a cartridge that has a golden ring hidden inside. Pretty sweet, but $70 is a bit steep for a game that doesn't come with a game, especially when I could put that money towards the upcoming Sonic x Kidrobot collab. However, if you're extra confident that SEGA can make a good Sonic game in the 21st century, you can pre-order in for PS4, Xbone, and PC here.

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