Posted by marc October 11, 2016

It was raining cats and robots at the booth shared by The Jelly Empire and Argonaut Resins. Selina Briggs premiered her plush Jellybot, along with plenty of resin 'bots that have been turned into rings, hair clips, pins, and mini-figures, all in super vibrant colors. The toys were also accompanied by plenty of prints, comic books, and a coloring book.

IMG_2951.png, by marc
IMG_2953.png, by marc
IMG_2950.png, by marc

Argonauts Resin showcased hand painted customs of their classic Tutz platform, as well as one deluxe version placed atop an alter-like pedestal. A Tutz print with a cool, sketchy design and watercolor splatters was also available.

IMG_2955.png, by marc
IMG_2958.png, by marc


IMG_2954.png, by marc

Their delicious-looking snow cone figure was also on display, as were the brand's new graffiti can resin pieces. These were presented both as full figures and as vertically halved versions with magnets attached to the back.

IMG_2957.png, by marc

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