Posted by marc October 11, 2016

Seattle-based artist Emma SanCartier packed up her menagerie of ethereal beasts and brought them across the continent to NYCC. Her open edition resin pieces were accompanied by several new pieces. The coolest set on display was her Astral series. These creatures are unified by crystals and various shades of blue. It was pretty hard not to take one of these home!

IMG_2967.png, by marc
IMG_2968.png, by marc
IMG_2969.png, by marc
IMG_2965.png, by marc

Emma also brought new variations of classic beasts like Ovok.

IMG_2963.png, by marc
IMG_2970.png, by marc

Finally, while Emma has created framed pieces and shadowboxes in the past, this new piece is particularly awesome, not only due to the amazingly detailed sculpting work, but also because of how far the resin piece sticks out from the framing.

IMG_2962.png, by marc

Emma says some new resin work is coming up, so keep it tuned here for more OddFauna news. In the meantime, check out more NYCC coverage here.


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