Posted by Miranda November 21, 2016
Clutter Gallery: UPCOMING EXHIBITION: Gift Wrapped 2016

Clutter Gallery is proud to present Gift Wrapped 2016! Amazing artists create affordable pieces of art, just in time for the holidays! Pieces from the show will be available for collection on the same night. Buy amazing gifts for yourself and your friends!

The list of participating artists include:

Aica • Ally Burke • Awesome toy • Bleeding Edges • Bog x Squad • Brent Nolasco • Brian Sparrow • Camilla D'Errico • Cassandra Jerman • Cat Atomic • Chima Group • czee13 • Dima Drjuchin • Eimi Takano • Falcontoys • freshtoast • Funk Muffins • Horible Adorables • HungryGhost • JeAA • Jenn & Tony Bot • Jeremiah Ketner • Kelly Denato • Kyle Kirwan • Lisa Rae Hansen • Maddy Norval • Mariangela Tan • Melodreama • Misfit Menagerie • One Eyed Girl • Rampage Toys • RxSeven • Sabrina Elliott • Scarecrowoven • Secret Demon Services • Seulgie • Shing Yin Khor • Stacia Murphy • Stitch of Whimsy • Tasha Zimlich • Task One • Tokyo Jesus • TwistyBitz • Uamou • wetworks • Yu Maeda  & Many More.

The opening reception will be free to the public and take place on Dec 10th from 6-9pm. 

The Clutter Gallery will have all pieces available for sale in their physical location and on our website. The Clutter Gallery sends out a newsletter to all users who are registered to the Gallery Preview List, which allows the recipients to view and purchase works before the exhibition opening. To register, please follow the link below:


CG_giftwrapped_FINAL.jpg, by Miranda


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