Posted by marc November 04, 2016

Rato Kim has two new Breadcast in the oven! Both the Green Tea Breadcat and the Rye Rye Breadcat are being served up on November 14 over at her new Etsy store. Both have plenty of detailing, from browning around the edges to some flour residue on the tops. In other words, you've got to grab these.

Rye Rye is, of course, based on a loaf of rye bread. These yummy kittens actually look edible. In fact, Rye Rye has me hoping for two things: edible Breadcats and a marble rye Breadcat complete with fishing rod accessory.

rye rye.jpg
rye rye.jpg, by marc

Green Tea Breadcat has me reaching for some green tea Oreos. The hue of green is spot on.

green tea.jpg
green tea.jpg, by marc

Expect to pay about $65 for each Breadcat when they launch later this month.

See more Breadcats here



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