Posted by marc November 04, 2016

You probably don't need much convincing to go to DCON this year, but just in case you do, check out the preview for the Toy Within a Toy exhibition organized by Broke Piggy. Four 8 inch Dunnys will be on display at Booth #527 from The Bots, Ayako Takagi, Jeremiah Ketner, and Scott Tolleson, each toy has been customized inside and out. Says The Jenn Bot: "Each piece in the series utilizes the Dunny in a unique way using not only the outside, but also the inside of each platform. We had a great time bringing everyone's ideas to life and can't wait to show more of the pieces off as we get closer to DCON!"

The Bots' custom will of course feature their amazing clay sculpting work, and it looks like an a submarine will be floating inside the fish's mouth. Scott Tolleson is taking a que from Dwight Kurt Schrute III and investing in beet farming. Ayako Takagi puts her Uamou sofubi inside a Dunny spaceship. And Jeremiah Ketner brings a bit of Japan to the West. Check 'em all out on November 19 and 20 ad DCON.

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