Posted by Miranda May 12, 2017
Clutter Gallery Presents: Stitched 2

Clutter Gallery is proud to announce Stitched 2, a group soft sculpture show curated by Lana Crooks and Melissa Sue Stanley!

The opening reception will be free to the public and take place on Saturday, May 13th from 6-9pm. Works will be available to purchase and will remain on display until June 2nd, 2017.

This show will feature pieces by a number of talented individuals within the soft sculpture genre, including:

Amanda Louise Spayd, Cat Rabbit, Claymate Creatures, droolwool, Heather Gross, Hiné Mizushima, Horrible Adorables, Keely Benkey-Reichman, Kit Lane, Lana Crooks, Lee’s Menagerie, Lisa Toms, Mariangela Tan, Melissa Sue Stanley, Silk and Thistle, The Beast Peddler, Twee Muizen, Venetta Butcher, Yetis and Friends & Zoë Williams.

For those interested in buying pieces but unable to attend the show, they can join the Clutter Gallery Preview List, which allows members to purchase items for a limited time prior to the opening reception at

small ear squid.jpg
small ear squid.jpg, by Miranda
WhiteCat_Front.jpg, by Miranda
ZWilliams_HueTori_010_sq.jpg, by Miranda


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