Posted by Miranda August 30, 2017

After spending an eternity in the darkest depths of the ocean... the OctoDunny has finally surfaced!

Officially licensed with our friends at Kidrobot, this 5" Dunny is a triple cast, hand-pulled, resin piece of art.

Hand-sculpted by artist Dethchops, the internal Octo Taku Taku is cast in a gossamer blue/green SUPER GLOW-IN-THE-DARK resin, with an external pale blue skin! Each of these pieces are lovingly hand-created in New York by Clutter Studios!!

Priced at just $150 apiece this initial release is limited to 25 pieces!

Dropping on on Friday, September 1st, at 12 (noon) EST.

Start your month off with a SPLASH and secure yours now! 


CS-08-17-OCTO-DUNNY-GREEN--45PRESS.jpg, by Miranda
CS-08-17-OCTO-DUNNY-GREEN- 10.jpg
CS-08-17-OCTO-DUNNY-GREEN- 10.jpg, by Miranda



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