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Our friends over at Playmates Toys sent us over some very cool TMNT figures based on the current storyline airing on the Nickelodeon series. Longtime Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans will no doubt be excited to see the Heroes in a Half-Shell reteaming with Usagi Yojimbo for several episodes in the final season of the cartoon.

90694_TheSamurai_Usagi Yojimbo_Main.jpg
90694_TheSamurai_Usagi Yojimbo_Main.jpg, by Brian

One of the figures sent to us by Playmates was their basic Usagi figure. While Playmates has made several Usagi figures in the past, this particular figure is undoubtedly their most accurate to his appearance in the comics written and drawn by his creator Stan Sakai.


Usagi’s sculpt is very good, and very true to his comic book appearance. He is slim and agile-looking and sports all of the trademarks we’d want the samurai rabbit to have, including the baggy pants, tied ears and iconic facial expression. It isn’t highly detailed, but given his appearance on the cartoon and Sakai’s style of art, he’s right on point with what we’d want from him.


For a toy line that sometimes misses the mark on articulation, Usagi is not that way at all. While nothing spectacular, he’s on point with the best of the toys in this line, sporting neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and swivels at the feet. So, overall, a solid amount of articulation for a mainstream toy.


Nothing special here, but nothing missing either except for a sticker on the back (his crest is present twice on his chest, but it’s not on the center back. The coloring is simple, his head is solid white with eyes and mouth, etc painted on. The tie for his ears is unpainted, but it’s usually depicted as white anyway, so this is consistent with the comics. The rest of the colors are solid. Again, nothing special, but nothing is missing. Sometimes Playmates doesn’t apply paints in some places which can be frustrating, but for Usagi they didn’t miss anything.


Just two unpainted swords. Nicely sculpted but that’s it. There was a SDCC exclusive version which had his pet tokage, a few alternate heads, painted accessories and a flag with his symbol. While they didn’t quite go so far out with the main release, all Usagi really needs is his two swords, and he’s got them. His scabbards are also there, but they’re permanently attached.


For those unfamiliar with the Playmates TMNT line, oftentimes, they tend to skimp on the toys of their supporting characters while delivering very good figures of the Turtles themselves. This is not the case at all with Usagi. They really put a lot of care in making Usagi everything he should be. And while some may still have a soft spot for the Usagi of the original toy line, this is definitely Playmate’s most faithful version of the character to date.

In addition to this Usagi figure, Playmates also released an XL version (to be reviewed tomorrow), a version in samurai armor and another version of the armored Usagi with a horse. Currently, Clutter readers can be entered to win a Usagi Yojimbo with the horse signed by the creator of Usagi himself, Stan Sakai.

To enter to win, you must email with the subject line: Get in, I wants me a Usagi Figure!, or share our image over on Instagram with the hashtag #GetinIwantsmeaUsagiFigure. One entry per person and you must have a USA shipping address. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Aug 11th.

Good luck!

PLAYMATES.jpg, by Brian



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