Posted by kristina August 11, 2017
Robots Will Kill & Friends at myplasticheart Wrap Up

Earlier this summer I checked out the Robots Will Kill & Friends show at myplasticheart-not once but twice. After the crazy turn out from last year’s RWK show that resulted in an impromptu live painting session, I knew that I had to see what great pieces would be on display.

First time I checked out the show was opening night in July, which was still packed despite the on/off rain that evening. The exhibit includes 50 artists with so many different styles that there was something for everyone. Both For The Masses podcasters Chris RWK and Rob Lumino were in attendance, as well as several of the artists in the show -including those that usually don’t show their faces (you know who you are lol).

The second time I attended Robots Will Kill & Friends it was to see all the pieces up close and personal so can really see each one-minus the accidental bumping against attendees. You can check out the pieces in the gallery below. Robots Will Kill & Friends will be up until August 13, 2017, so head over to myplasticheart this weekend and see this amazing show. If you’re not able to see these in person you can check out the pieces on myplasticheart’s website by clicking here!


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