Posted by Miranda August 16, 2017
Ron English's Pear Heart Skull Release!

Clutter and Popaganda are excited to announce the official release of the pearl colorway of the iconic Ron English Heart Skull!!   

This third colorway of Ron English's Heart Skull sculpture is a gorgeous, fade and sun resistant, pearlescent masterpiece. Limited to an edition of only 50 pieces worldwide, the sculpture has Ron’s Signature engraved into the back. 

CM_HEARTSKULL_WHITE-press-1.jpg, by Miranda

The Heart Skull sculpture is a hand poured, roto-cast resin piece of art, and measures 6″ tall x 4″ wide x 6″ deep. Made in NY by Clutter Studios.

The 3D Version of Ron English's iconic Heart Skull design originally made its debut at his solo show Thought Factory that took place at The Clutter Gallery in 2013. Now, for the first time since 2014, a small edition of these roto-cast resin Heart Skulls are available on Clutter's webstore!

Priced at just $150 per piece, these Pearlescent beauties will be unleashed on Friday 8/18/2017 at 12 (noon) EST.  

CM_HEARTSKULL_WHITE-press-5.jpg, by Miranda
CM_HEARTSKULL_WHITE-press-4.jpg, by Miranda

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