Posted by Miranda February 02, 2018
Luna and The Magical Night Lights by The Bots

Our good friends at Urban Vinyl Daily, The Bots and 64 Colors (what a trio!!) are entering the final few hours of the Luna and the Magical Night Lights Kickstarter. and although they are 100% funded - whoop whoop congratulations guys, lets help push them to the next level!

The Kickstarter campaign is has been created to bring to life the Luna and The Magical Night Lights book! Written by Jenn & Tony Bot (The Bots), and illustrated by 64 colors, it's beautiful in story, and visuals. Not only that toy fans... You can pledge to get yourself an amazing glow-in-the-dark LUNA!! (Clutter exclusive Pink version available here) 

662b83bcdf9519cf107495865e7620e0_original.jpeg, by Miranda

So what are you waiting for? Run over to Kickstarter and spread your love - every $ helps make this happen!

a5d4b2bd706464e9fe2f564d74eb51f9_original.jpg, by Miranda
640733d7d21fd9e498f17ccc7edc23e5_original.jpg, by Miranda



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