Posted by kristina February 22, 2018
Yetipocalypse at Mothership Toy & Art Gallery Wrap Up & Lex Yeti Pre-Order

After the success of not just one but two previous shows, Mothership Gallery in Philadelphia hosted Yeti Season 3 Yetipocalypse earlier this year. The group show was curated by Brooklyn-based creative director/designer Dex Black and included Yeti-themed works from over 25 artists/customizers.  After missing the past seasons I knew I had to see one of Mothership's most successful group shows and I wasn't disappointed. It was there where I learned how many people, including Dex himself, loved the Abominable Snowman and how some were willing to go the extra miles (literally) to get to this show.

Opening reception for Yetipocalypse started at 6 PM, online sales for artwork didn't start until 7 PM. Some people actually traveled from out of state so they can get first dibs on the customs. One couple came all the way from Virginia to make sure they wouldn't miss out on the show-talk about dedication! On top of the customs, there was also a special Yeti print as well a collectible enamel pin by KRONK available. Attendees also got a chance to see the prototype of DexDexignLab's Lex Yeti resin figure. Lex Yeti stands at 6.5 inches and comes with articulated arms and head as well as a tree "club" accessory.

Most of the pieces from Yetipocalypse have been sold, but you can still see close-ups of them over at Mothership's website. And if you're still looking to own your own Yeti you can pre-order Lex Yeti now on by clicking here.

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