Posted by Miranda September 26, 2017
NYCC 17 EXCLUSIVE: Bootlegg's Stranger Things Brand: I'm The Monster "The Imposter Edition" by Special Ed Toys X MOC Toys
We are super excited to bring you the latest Special Ed Toys x MOC Toys exclusive to NYCC booth #575 next week! 

Eleven has definitely seen better days. And although it's pretty apparent that the entity behind those clothes isn't Eleven (hint hint, the proof is in the decapitated head and hands), this imposter is still going to try to put one over on her friends in hopes that it can...

Posted by Miranda September 26, 2017
NYCC 17 EXCLUSIVE: Clutter Exclusive Hag Zombie X
Fresh from Japan, and 100% SOFUBI! Rampage Toys' new and improved Hag-X head meets the SHB X-body.

Produced in a flesh color vinyl, with metallic paint, this NYCC exclusive is an edition of just 8 pieces! First-come, first-served, $150 apiece!

You can find us at booth number #575, so make sure you stop by!

To view all of our NYCC 2017 releases check out our store...
Posted by Miranda September 26, 2017
NYCC 17 EXCLUSIVE: Baetyl Blooms by Kyle Kirwan
New York Comic Con, is just around the corner; Oct 5th - 8th! As usual, Clutter will be there to bring you an amazing selection of awesome toys, and chatter. You can find us at booth number #575, So make sure you stop by and pick up something amazing like....

Straight out of the world of Dor! These Clutter exclusive purple/blue Baetyl Blooms by Kyle Kirwan, are hand-sculpted, hand-cast,...

Posted by Miranda September 25, 2017
From the farthest depths of outer space... the Alien Lazer and Draculobster have invaded planet Earth!

Clutter is excited to announce the official release of the exclusive "...

Posted by connor September 20, 2017

Following last Sunday’s stop at the world famous Zombie Garage in San Francisco, Bwana and Friends will be getting together at Faceguts in Los Angeles!


Starting this Sunday, September 24th at 12:00 Noon, there will be an extensive 3 minute talk on the biology and folklore of the Kappa, followed by an hour of drawing Kappas! From 1pm till 6pm, there will be “sales,...

Posted by kristina September 20, 2017
Martian Toys The Next Great Blank Contest

If you haven’t heard, Martian Toys is currently having a contest for the next DIY platform. If you have a great idea for a blank toy but lack the resources to do it, this is great opportunity to make that dream a reality! The winner of the contest will receive 25 unpainted vinyl copies produced by Martian Toys. But having your own DIY toy is only the start...

Posted by Miranda September 13, 2017
After spending an eternity in the darkest depths of the ocean... the OctoDunny has finally surfaced!

Officially licensed with our friends at Kidrobot, this 5" Dunny is a triple cast, hand-pulled, resin piece of art.

Hand-sculpted by artist Dethchops, the internal Octo ...

Posted by Miranda September 11, 2017
The Magically Ugly Unicorn! Deathchops x Rampage Toys
Rampage Toys classic figure The Ugly Unicorn gets a magical make-over by artist Dethchops!

Released as part of this past weekends opening of Monster Mash at The Clutter Gallery, this special double-cast guts release is produced in two magical colorways; Slimer & Magenta Meltdown!


Posted by Miranda September 08, 2017
Clutter Gallery Presents: Monster Mash!
The Clutter Gallery is excited to open its doors this weekend to Monster Mash! Sofubi & Kaiju Showcase Vol 1.

Bwana Spoons, Rampage Toys, DethChops & Secret Demon Services take over The Clutter Gallery to bring you the most fun, colorful and monstrous exhibition ever seen! Stop by to check out all of the awesome pieces...


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