Posted by Miranda June 08, 2007
Originally designed by Touma, This Zugan figure sees Jim Koch put his stamp on proceedings. Limited to 500 and released July/Aug. Whats best though is...... of course.... its pink!!  
Posted by Geoff June 08, 2007
KAWS has taken it to a whole new level with this. Forget designer toys, urban vinyl etc this is a piece of sculpture.
It will set you back a couple grand too, but for the size that almost seems good value. Not that I want one because I don't have that sort of cash to spend on this, or really the space to do it justice. One for the urban loft dwellers, not the pokey flats in south west...


Posted by Miranda June 07, 2007

Mad's latest T-shirt release hosts this fab new design. There are 40 pieces of each and you can buy one of 24 sets from Mad’s store. They’re $65 (plus shipping) for the set, and each print is signed/ numbered. There are only a few of each size tee, so you have better move your asses!! The...


Posted by Miranda June 07, 2007

Can't let this cartoon talk go without adding my favourite - crazy ass French cartoon Ulysses 31.

Cool ship. Check
Cool robot. Check
Killer tune. Oh yes!



Posted by Miranda June 07, 2007
 The latest in the 8" qee releases is to be this Nurse cat by Junko Mizuno. First seen in the OX-OP series 3 i think it works well on a larger format.  
Posted by Miranda June 07, 2007

So our latest arrival through the post is this book/Graphic novel/well more like instruction guide. Produced by Jasper Wong. It has the most amazing illustrations in it, and the qualtiy is amazing, however if your not a fan of looking at drawings of cocks then i would suggest giving it a miss! Infact i would go as far as to say they spoil it some what, i...

Posted by Miranda June 07, 2007

Just saw this on vinypulse and wondered what peoples thoughts on it were? His name is Murko and is 10 Deeps first vinyl, produced by Thunderdog Studios. He stands at 5" tall and will be available from July in two colourways (this one ltd to 350).

Comments please.

Posted by Miranda June 07, 2007

they don't make theme tunes like this anymore....

Posted by Geoff June 06, 2007

Totally forgot to post about my theatre experience (stop gioggling at the back) on Saturday. As part of my better half's birthday celebrations we went to see Avenue Q at the Noel Coward theatre.

Oh man, how we laughed. Yeah, it's essentialy one long joke about muppets shagging, swearing and singing risque songs. But it's done so well and presented with such joy that you can...


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