Posted by Geoff May 31, 2007

Found a great site that lists random chats people have had on chat pages on t'internet.

Take look there's some classics:

My favourites so far:

Coff: We should bring rain ponchoes back. Problem Solved.
Cyg: New Problem: I don't want to look like a homeless wizard.


Posted by Geoff May 30, 2007

So i'm doing my bi-monthly glance at IMDB...and lordy The Watchmen is now in pre-production although no cast memebers have been confirmed. I don't have high hopes of yet another of my favourite graphic novels being sanitised and squeezed into about 2 hours. Personally, I think a TV series, a la Lost, would be the perfect rendition of this classic.

Plenty of the geek community, sorry, I...

Posted by Miranda May 30, 2007

Klim spotted this beauty and brought it to my attention yesterday! This figures has been created for the Platform International Animation Festival (PIAF) at the end of June. They are to be handed out as a kinda trophy for the various category winners who are taking part in the festival. The Medallion around the neck of the figure was...

Posted by Geoff May 30, 2007

Following on from Nick's excitement around Batman TDK it seems there's now an official pic of Heath Ledger as the Joker.

Looks like they've taken the look straight from Bermejo's drawings, which is a good thing IMO. I did like the mockup based on an old 20s flick called "The Man Who Laughs" - but either way it's better than him being a slightly overweighty, hammy Jack...


Posted by Miranda May 29, 2007

Check out my new plectrums that my friend Mark sent me over the weekend (cheers dude)!! How fab are these? Especially the one of the woman rubbing an ice cube in her cleavage!!

Posted by Geoff May 29, 2007's criminal not to have a Johnny Cash post

And thanks to the UK's fine summer weather this weekend (Note: I might be being sarcastic), I managed to re-watch Walk the Line...not bad, but not great either. Good music though.


Posted by Geoff May 25, 2007

So you all know it's the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, the most culturally significant film since...well, ever really. To mark the date there are all sorts of show going on including "The Vader Show" where leading artists are given the opportunity to put their own spin on the Dark Lord of the Sith (yes, I know the Emperor is, stictly speaking, the lord...).

Only some of them don't...

Posted by Miranda May 25, 2007

FWY have just launched their brand spanking new website. Its beautiful so go check it out

Posted by Geoff May 25, 2007

The Godfather of Vinyl has been a bit quiet of late, doing more commercial cross over projects and continuing the Mr Shoe tour. The latest collab is with X-Large clothing in LA and includes tees and 6 new figs retailing at $120.

We seem to have a McDonalds 'Happy' Meal character, aGorilla (makes sense as that's the X-Large logo), what looks like a melted Mr Stay Puft fig from...


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