Posted by Miranda May 10, 2007

Clutters latest custom project comes in the form of this mini munny madness. Just wanted to share it with you all. Will keep you up to date with progress.. if there is any lol.


Posted by Miranda May 10, 2007
So it has taken me about a week to get around to talking about this, but i had to wait for it be shown again to take the pictures you see. I realise the quality of these images is a bit ropey but we couldn't find a clip of this on the internet so they will have to do.

Anyway this is the latest TV advert for the bank...
Posted by Doug May 09, 2007

So Steph and I went to All Tomorrow's Parties which was curated by Nick Cave in minehead. It was pretty sureal to say the least being at Butlins and seeing all these great bands like Nick Cave, Grinderman, Dirty Three, and many more. There were some really boring acts like Low and Spiritualized and Cat Power but Dirty Three were amazing. Warren Ellis is a mad man on the violin. Just check out...

Posted by Doug May 09, 2007

So i managed to get another tattoo last monday. It is only the outline so far and will be colored in in the next week or so. I love it and can't wait to get more if possible. This was done by John Himmelstein at Eclipse Tattoo in camden.

Posted by Miranda May 09, 2007

Elementals are Skets latest project in collaboration with Kaching Brands. I think they will hit at SDCC so watch out cause i think they are fab!

Posted by Geoff May 09, 2007
Yeah...maybe....I mean Bossy is a unique sculpt retailing at $10, so it's not that different from a Dunny chase. Getting all 4 might be tricky if retailers don't sell them as versions, but even so it won't break the bank. Plus I really like the shifty look. But I wonder if it's a slippery slope where manufacturers - aware of the whole colourway issue - try different tactics to avoid one version...
Posted by Miranda May 09, 2007
Ok so we are used to getting copies back from the printers that are not useable, cropped badly or damaged in transit, but these made us smile. There seem to be two copies where the cover has been attached backwards. They are great, and have no hope as a cover. Maybe we should put them on ebay as alternative covers lol.   Mind you i quite like the matt cover.. hmm.  ...
Posted by Nick May 08, 2007

Seems to me like I only ever post stuff about MIST toys, but who cares when they're this cool. Sculpted by the man himself he can fire his arms like rockets!!! Just like the toys you had when you were a kid but i'd imagine he's much MUCH more expensive! Start saving.....




Posted by Miranda May 06, 2007

Clutter issue 10 is now available for pre-order. It will ship on wednesday the 9th of May. Pre-order your copy from NOW DAMN YOU!!




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