Posted by Miranda April 19, 2007

I know that most people who read this won't know little Tom, but i figured i would try to spread the word as much as possible. Little Tom sadley passed away recently and we would like all who knew him to get together and have a really good night in celebration of his life!

Hope to see everyone who knew him there!!...
Posted by Geoff April 18, 2007

Seriously...£3.30 from Gaby's Deli...Falafel, Humous and oodles of Salad.

Yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy :)


Posted by Miranda April 18, 2007

 So I recently went to Wales and saw this beauty, some people just take it too far!! Caravan Heaven or hell you decided…. Lol

Can  we be locked up for things like this?



Posted by Miranda April 18, 2007

Thunderdog will soon be in the UK so keep your eyes peeled for further info soon :)

Much love to everyone at Thunderdog!

Posted by Geoff April 18, 2007

Seeing as TV is so poor, i've been diving headlong into DVD box sets I bought recently.

Ah The i've missed you. I don't like being preachy but y'know screw it - this is the best thing to grace TV.
And to fall into full-on TV critic tosser mode, but it draws you in with the complexity. Yeah, it's essenitally a cop show - but that's merely the premise. It's not a...


Posted by Geoff April 18, 2007

£ = $2.04 and may push $2.2 by next week.

So if you were thinking of buying stuff from the States, do it!

This is Clutter Financial News, I've been Geoff. Good day.


Posted by Miranda April 17, 2007

I have been thinking recently about attendance at UK shows. I am always hearing ‘oh no one ever comes to the UK and puts on shows’, ‘why aren’t there more shows here?’, but when there are shows here do half the people who moan about it turn up? And I am sorry to say that generally not.

Come on we live in a small country and it’s usually easy to find a reasonably cheap...

Posted by Geoff April 17, 2007

A while back I posted about the Sp.One Zoo York collab that I still haven't managed to find!

After more searching I finally managed to score one of the Dalek decks from the artist series and it's a real beaut. Really captures his style well compared to some of the older Cereal Art and Monkey boards he did. You can just about (squint dammit!) make out the ZY logo in the Space...

Posted by Nick April 17, 2007

It feels like an eternity since there's been something from Eric So that we might be able to get our hands on so we're real excited about these new figures. Made in conjunction with Motorola and as a result they come with mobile phones!! Want one!!



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