Posted by Miranda April 04, 2007

On one of mine and Nick’s random trips out, this time in Stafford we came across this headless homeless person. We were wondering who has been feeding her with an eyedropper?? I wonder if she will outlive the chicken that lasted 9 years without a head?

It’s these kind of questions that...

Posted by Nick April 04, 2007

 This latest figure from french graffiti artist Mist is one of his oldest characters from way back when he started painting his 'Debils' 10 years ago. This fella's 9 inches tall, made from porcelin resin and limited to 300 pieces, an he's great!! Unfortunately he also costs €175 which i don't have... plus i'd probably break within 5 mins anyway ;)

Posted by Miranda April 04, 2007

Right i really need these Insa hats!! Just thought i'd bring them to everyones attention. You can get them from Bond International now, which is where i got the pic, i hope they don't mind! Sweet as!!


Posted by Geoff April 04, 2007

Gutted I missed this launch back in January - collaboration between Zoo York and Sp. One. So it's the usual scouring eBay in the vain hope I can score one at a reasonable price (if they ever come up!!) - the deck that is, the tee's a bit so-so.

Damn Zoo York have done some fine collabs over the last few years - I think this might top the Futura deck they did.


Posted by Geoff April 03, 2007

One thing that's struck me recently reading various boards is an attitude towards urban vinyl and the artists. This isn't a go at compleitists - hell, if you want to own every Dunny ever made that's cool. When I see huge collections of Qees or Dunnys together they look great.

But more and more, and with certain artists in particular, i'm noticing a strange attitude. Call it a fad...


Posted by Geoff April 02, 2007

So what do you get? Well, 3 Anarchy Bears (yeah 'anarchy' is all about recycled design....), 3 Cats, 3 monkeys, 3 toyers. But there is a Kozik version too, although you probaly already have that from the larger 8 inch. Oh, oh and 2 chases.

Oh and did I mention the entire series is also available without smorks? So that's over 30 Qees for the completists/suckers/Kozik fans (...
Posted by Miranda April 02, 2007

After months of planning we can finally reveal to the world our sexy pink Cabello colour way. He is limited to 100 and will be unleashed on the world very soon.

Posted by Miranda April 02, 2007
Hi Everyone.

Welcome to our blog.. :)

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