01 September 2016

It's been nearly four years and Nintendo hasn't given me too many reasons to buy a Wii U. And today they even removed one of the justifications I had for buying one. The Wii U game Yoshi'...

Dragon Quest VII 3DS Release Date
16 June 2016

Sometimes throwing a hissy fit to get what you want totally works. Dragon Quest VII was, if you ask me, a trainwreck of a game - for its time. Don't get me wrong; it's a...

Super Famicom 3DS Box
13 April 2016

I've got to say, the box art for the Super Famicom edition of Nintendo's New 3DS is even more attractive than the system itself. The colorful, flat line drawing is the perfect throwback to the...

Super Famicom 3DS XL
04 March 2016

While the North American Super Nintendo was fugly as hell, the same isn't true for the European and Japanese versions of Nintendo's 16-bit console. It's understated curves and color scheme...

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