04 August 2016

There is a god and he's got all the 8 inch Dunnys. Kidrobot forum member Salamander posted a video of his recently completed collection, which takes over 30 seconds to pan through. But fair...

JPK Sketracha Custom 8" Dunny
28 January 2016

I just got my 8 inch Sketracha in the mail, but JPK already has his sanded, primed, and outfitted with a cork instead of a bottle cap. I can't wait to see what he comes up with, since his...

J*RYU Kidrobot 8" It's a F.A.D. Dunny
12 January 2016

Go, go, go! After a slightly delay from the 9AM launch time, Kidrobot's latest Dunny release is now available online. Drop $75 right...

J*RYU's 8" It's a F.A.D. Dunny Release Party at Kidrobot SF
06 January 2016

If you're living in the San Fran area and don't want to wait until January 12 to pick up your 8" It's a F.A.D. Dunny by J*RYU like the rest of us, head over to Kidrobot SF this Friday from 6PM-9PM...

Kidrobot 8" Sketratcha SketOne Signing at 3D Retro
29 December 2015

3D Retro are spicing up the coldest month of the year with an official launch party for Sket One's hotly anticipated 8" Sketracha Dunny from Kidrobot. Sket will be in attendance for a signing...

Sekure D Dunny Kidrobot
08 December 2015

Well this is a pleasant surprise! You might remember that, back in March, Sekure D revealed his 8" Dunny collaboration with...

shockwave vinyl transformer loyal subjects
18 June 2014

I feel like Michael Bay is continually trying to ruin Transformers for us '80s folks, and that The Loyal Subjects are on the other side, attempting to do the series justice. Their super-deformed...

Kronk Dunny
27 May 2014

Kidrobot may have closed two of their stores this quarter, but that doesn't mean they won't keep churning out awesome new Dunny designs. With the Art of War theme for Dunny 2014 revealed, the...

8" Sketracha APs Available from Sket One
19 February 2016

If you haven't picked up an 8" Sketracha Dunny yet, your procrastination may pay off. Sket One is now offering signed and numbered artist proofs of the spicy figure at only $5 more than the retail...

8" Sketracha Dunnys Now Available
22 January 2016

It's time to add some spice to your shelf and your wardrobe. Today Kidrobot are releasing both the full and empty versions of Sket One's Sketracha 8" Dunny as well as Sketracha t-shirts. Rather...

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