26 April 2012

Amanda Visell is preparing to release a line of "mini giant" resin figures, with the first five apparently slated for release...

20 February 2012

Amanda Visell's Topsy Turvy Crocs were released last summer in conjunction with Secret Fresh, with the...

11 March 2010
09 February 2010
25 August 2009
28 July 2009
21 April 2009
30 May 2008

Because I really, really need this Amanda Visell Mega Munny....a gnome eating Bat. Genius!

 Amanda's Munny is part a massive lot coming up at Christie's "Pop Culture" auction...
03 April 2012

Over the last few days, Amanda Visell has posted a couple images of hand-carved and painted wooden Star Wars figures on her blog, showing off...

05 January 2011

Following on from Junko's version of Chococat is Amanda Visell's Playful penguin Badtz Maru. Bad Batz is the final figure in the first series of Sanrio characters to be reinterpreted by different...

09 March 2010
08 January 2010
19 August 2009
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14 October 2008
19 February 2008

Issue 12 is nearly with us. Hurrah i hear you cry. In this issue we have a feature article with our cover artist, the lovely Tara McPherson....


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