30 September 2010

ATP has a new 4 night mini-festival taking place in December that is ideal for students who are finished for the term or anyone who can take time off during the week. If you always wanted to...

01 December 2009
23 February 2009


19 January 2009
17 November 2008
13 May 2008

(Kathie Olivas's Dolbee figure for ATP, Produced by Solid Industries)

So we just got back from an awesome weekend spent down @ ATP vs...

10 October 2007

Here's a pic of a prototype Mad is working on for ATP (stolen from the octane3 forum, with a heads up from MAD). Dolbee is produced by MAD's new company SOLID industries (...

09 May 2007

So Steph and I went to All Tomorrow's Parties which was curated by Nick Cave in minehead. It was pretty sureal to say the least being at Butlins and seeing all these great bands like Nick Cave,...

24 December 2009
19 October 2009
13 February 2009
25 November 2008
22 May 2008

So this weekend we hung at ATP Explosions in the Sky, at Butlins Minehead. We had an awesome time meeting up with familiar faces and also some new ones too. This time around it was...

10 December 2007

Whilst Geoff and Shakey and the guys were living it up with rum in LDN, the rest of the Clutter crew (me, nick and kirsty) took a trip down to Butlins Minehead for the ATP festival. We had a...

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