Wilkowksi x Chueh; Infected Decapitated Bear Head - Blood Red Edition!
04 April 2017

Clutter Magazine is proud to announce our latest collaboration with Milwaukee-based artist Scott Wilkowski and LA native artist...

02 September 2016

Opening right now is "Bearly, A Custom Toy Show" presented by Strange Cat Toys and Redefine Gallery in Orlando. MAp-MAp, Charles Rodriguez, JFURY, and several others have customized Luke Chueh's...

05 May 2016

Luke Chueh and The Clutter Gallery present "Bear In Mind", an exhibition featuring a hand-picked selection of painters, sculptors, and designers reinterpreting a sculpture of Chueh's iconic bear...

RXSeven takes on Luke Chueh 10" Bear head Blank.
06 April 2016

I'm not sure how on earth we missed this reveal, we must have been deep in hibernation!

Amazing artist RXSeven was commissioned to customize one of the Clutter produced Luke Chueh...

Luke Chueh's Everyone Needs A Lot Of Head from Clutter for NYCC
05 October 2015

Luke Chueh's "Everyone Needs A Lot of Head" makes its debut appearance!

Produced by Clutter, cast in white vinyl and made entirely in the U.S.A.,...

10 April 2015

THANK YOU to everyone who has backed our Luke Chueh Dissected Bear Head Kickstarter . Because of you we...

09 October 2014

Luke Chueh's "Dissected Bear Head" makes its debut appearance!

Produced by Clutter Studios and made out of rotocast resin in Kenner Prototype Blue, these "Prototype Edition" copies will be...

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