Travis Cain BFF mug
29 February 2016

For some people, coffee is their BFF, making this mug from Travis Cain and Kidrobot pretty spot on. The mug will also come with a mystery figure. What item would juxtapose with a mug like the rest...

Kidrobot BFF Plushies
23 February 2016

It looks like the oversized plushies from Travis Cain's BFF series just missed New York Toy Fair, where we ...

BFFs Series 3 by Travis Cain x Kidrobot
12 February 2016

I've been waiting for this moment literally for forever. Kidrobot have just announced that they're reviving Travis Cain's BFF toys with a third blindbox series! These toys come in pairs of best...

15 August 2012

Remember those BFF necklaces & bracelets you & your best friend picked up at the mall? You'd each wear half of the charm & when you'd fit them together a corny saying would appear. ...

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