31 October 2016

I don't think I need to explain why Coarse Toys have garnered a cult following. And the German duo's illustrations are just as alluring as their toys. (I have a postcard flyer featuring their...

22 August 2016

Missed out on coarse toys' first cancan release? Well follow your nose to a brand new "ignited" colorway. Fans of the brand will know that the "ignited" moniker means that this release is...

Coarse Do Not Disturb
18 March 2016

One of my favorite sculptures by Coarse is Do Not Disturb, which depicts a plump cat proudly presenting a dead fish to whoever gazes upon him. This was a one-off piece that was shown at different...

coarse Stone Omen Custom by Squink
10 February 2016

This new commission from Squink is ready to rock one lucky collector's shelf. Apparently using plenty of clay, Squink has applied custom sculpting to every inch of this Omen, originally by coarse...

3.5" Pink Kwaii Clomp by JPX x coarse
10 February 2016

Well that was quick! Just one day after announcing a black 7 inch version of their Kwaii Clomp sculpture, JPX and...

JPX x COARSE: Kwaii Clomp
09 February 2016

coarse and toy production company JPX are poised to release a new rendition of their Kawii Clomp sculpture on Sunday, February 14. Standing 7 inches tall, this version of the cute bull swaps out...

coarse Omen Fade Wood Edition
29 January 2016

coarse are making Ron Swansom proud with their Omen Wood sculpture, a followup to 2014's Omen Outburst Wood. There are two variants, one using ash and another walnut, each being limited to 30...

Coarse Toys Cancan Vinyl Toy Sculpture
23 December 2015

Mind blown. If you were lucky enough to check out Coarse's New York Scratches exhibit at Myplasticheart, you know how amazing this piece is, from the way the toucan seems to float in mid-air, to...

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