Custom Android by Martin Hsu
09 December 2015

Today in adorable custom toy news, Martin Hsu has snapped a photo of this super cute Android. Hsu's thick but calculated brushstrokes paint a relaxing scene on the Android's belly, and the closed...

24 June 2014

My money's on "My Axedroid," mostly because Vikings are badass. Then again, "Racer-D" would have speed on his side. Eh, in the end, I guess it doesn't really matter. What does...

bitcoin android mini collectible
11 June 2014

The open source monetary unit has fused with the vinyl representation of the open source mobile platform in this Evilos custom. The orange color is really eye-catching, and I'm hoping for a solid...

jpk 47 ronin
30 May 2014

JPK channeled his love of Edo-period Japan to recreate the Kai and Armor characters from the 2013 version of 47 Ronin. With a brush as his katana and a bit of customizer's...

06 May 2014

Lunabee has been hard at work on four new commissioned custom toys, all for one lucky client. With two Caveys and two Androids making up the group, these toys are classically cute but definitely...

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