FAKIR Bearbrick
20 June 2016

FAKIR recently celebrated International Sushi Day with a custom Be@rbrick depicting the mascot of Sushi Hoshikai, a restaurant in South Korea. His clean, vector-like shapes define this piece. But...

Coco Chanel Be@rbrick
07 March 2016

After creating an amazing Marc Jacobs Be@rbrick, Fakir is at it again, this time painting the likeness of Coco Chanel on a 1000% Be@rbrick. The fashion designer who freed women from corsets, yet...

JPK 1000% Be@rbrick Custom
07 December 2015

Behold 28 inches of custom goodness by JPK. This 1000% Be@rbrick by JPK was created for a collector in Hong Kong. He uses his signature negative spaces techniques to do something extra cool....

Custom Mark Jacobs Bearbrick by Fakir
30 November 2015

This new custom by Fakir is incredibly weird and equally awesome. Fakir's client asked for a Be@rbrick portrait of Marc Jacobs...semi-nude. The fashion designer's signature smattering of...

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