06 July 2016

Sometimes the stars align and you get the perfect collaboration. That's the case with UglyCat, a collab between Uglydoll and Korean artist Rato Kim, creator of Boxcat. She lends her cute, angular...

david horvath x devilrobots
12 May 2016

David Horvath's and Devilrobots' collaboration debuted in South Korea recently, leaving Western fans wondering if they'd be able to get their hands on these ultra cute sets. Horvath, the co-...

Ice Bat Sofubi
07 April 2016

There's been some buzz lately after some teasers of a sofubi mini figure series from David Horvath's Uglydolls, including fan favorite, Ice Bat. But back in 2008, a six inch sofubi Ice Bat...

UGLYUAMOU David Hovarth
23 December 2015

Does it get any cuter than Uamou x Uglydoll?? Hell NO!! 

Uamous creator, Ayako Takagi has turned her beautiful creations into a series of hand-...

20 September 2011

Bossy Bear has a girlfriend in the form of Bissy Bear. Produced by Toy2r and retailing for $20, this feminine friend is due to drop for the holidays (although i'm not sure which holidays, so my...

24 May 2010
17 December 2009
12 October 2009
Uglydoll x TAG
23 June 2016

If you've been waiting for a painted version of the Uglydoll sofubi series, now's your chance. Featuring hand-painted detailing as well as blue and silver sprays, a fresh coat of paint hits all...

Pink Sofubi Ice Bat
15 April 2016

Remember last week's #TBT, where we highlighted Ice Bat from the Kaiju for Grown Ups series? It...

Uglydoll x TAG Sofubi Series
21 March 2016

We've seen a few Uglydolls cast in sofubi over the years, but now we're getting a whole mini-series thanks to Toy Art Gallery. Uglydoll co-creator David Horvath has revealed a group shot of eight...

30 May 2012

Cometdebris has just announced the release of, yet another, Dave by Sun-Min and David Horvath. Dave is cast in blue vinyl, with metallic purple,...

14 July 2010

I know at first glance you're thinking..err...this doesn't seem particularly 'selective' but frankly you can blame the guys at Super7 for that because this year at SDCC they are bringing the...

16 March 2010
10 December 2009
08 October 2009
Uglydoll sofubi
02 June 2016

Last month, T.A.G. and Uglydoll teamed up to launch their line of mini figures in bright red sofubi. Fans will be happy to hear that the May release was just the first in a series of colorways....

DrilOne Custom Toy
12 April 2016

DrilOne turns a super cute design into something kind of disturbing. Jeero looks like he's had his eyes hollowed out into soulless pits. His body is rusted and his antenna is broken...

Uglydolls UglyCon Cermamics Art
28 December 2015

Uglydolls' UglyCon 2015 took place in Seoul, which meant most of us Western folk couldn't attend. But that doesn't mean you can't have a piece of the show residing proudly on your shelf....

16 January 2012

While David Horvath and Sun-Min were roaming the streets of Nakano in Toykyo, Japan they saw a whole bunch of little shops that carried old toys and super rare collectibles. The two became...

17 June 2010

Old school collectors can probably remember back when you'd get toys coming out in blank 'black' versions, a tradition that Super7 and MINDstyle both picked up on more recently with some of...

03 February 2010
03 November 2009
04 September 2009


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