21 June 2013

While this site might primarily be a resource for Designer Toy information, once in a rare while something far outside the field catches the attention of the Clutter staff… and one such...

08 July 2009
05 May 2009
17 April 2009
30 May 2008

Because I really, really need this Amanda Visell Mega Munny....a gnome eating Bat. Genius!

 Amanda's Munny is part a massive lot coming up at Christie's "Pop Culture" auction...
15 August 2007

Word on the street, or the shakey grape vine if your prefer, is that Mr Huck is having a blow out sale on his ebay store, with prices reduced by some 50%. Get on there!! Plus its my birthday on...

03 July 2007

We have just put some cabellos and stuff on ebay for your purchasing pleasure.. go buy them all up!!

21 May 2007
Following on from Mazzle's Chueh post - I had a quick scan of eBay for prices.
Now i'm not going to go into all the rights and wrongs of selling a piece - I'm not sure...
07 December 2010
Mr MegaMunden dropped me a note earlier today to ask me to spread the word about this awesome auction he is currently involved in, and...
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