26 August 2016

Putting a twist on Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog, London-based Whatshisname is about to release a giant 47 inch fiberglass sculpture. POPek is a squatting balloon dog who has just excreted a rubbery...

Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez: Mastermind of the Beautifully Grotesque
20 May 2016

Have you seen Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez's new exhibition, "Shrunken Heads", at The Clutter Gallery yet? If you haven't, it's available to view...

The Judgement by Cleon Peterson at plus one gallery
25 January 2016

Cue Joaquin Phoenix displaying his downward-pointing thumb. Cleon Peterson's latest sculpture, The Judgement, depicts one of his signature barbarians moments after decapitating an enemy. Like...

15 April 2014

Intertwining the terribly monstrous with the utterly human, Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez has masterminded this massive 10-foot tall rendition of "...

26 March 2014

Brian Flynn of Super7 will showcase his Duorocker fibgerglass rocking chair on April 5. Two years in development, the rocking chair will debut at Flynn's Toy...

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