Fluffy House Not So Ordinary Bear
28 April 2017

Sometimes even the cutest characters question their existence. Take Fluffy House’s Ordinary Bear-lately he’s been thinking me might be just “too ordinary” and is now on a mission to see if...

Fluffy House Naughty Rabbit Plush Pair
27 December 2016

If you're looking to add to your Fluffy House collection you're in luck-you can now be the proud owner of a couple of Naughty...

Bubi Au Yeung x Fluffy House Grid Ren
22 November 2016

As this year is winding down, a new version of Bubi Au Yeung and Fluffy House's...

19 August 2016

Silver Treeson was shrouded in mystery, but we've finally got the details! Standing 5 inches tall, the 11th anniversary figure is cast in vinyl and shines with a silver plating. Silver...

Fluffy House Fluffy Rabbit Set 2.0
21 June 2016

Don't let their cuteness deceive you-these rabbits are full of mischief! Fluffy House has released the second version of their Fluffy...

Fluffy House Little Raindrop Plush
06 June 2016

Meet the newest plush from Fluffy House, Little Raindrop! He's a drop of water that brings life and joy to everyone he meets. Despite...

Uamou x Fluffy House | Miss Rainbow Uamou & Chicky Boo
11 January 2016

Hong Kong cute meets Japanese kawaii with the latest collaboration between Uamou and Fluffy house. Ayako Takagi will be hand painting each of these limited edition Uamous, which are sporting Miss...

13 April 2015

When someone asks how you're doing, you say, "Good" even if that's a lie. Bubi Au Yeung's latest piece plays off of this by including two characters, one labeled OK, the other Not OK. The big guy...

Bubi Au Yeung x Fluffy House Sou
16 January 2017

Introducing Sou, a new character by Bubi Au Yeung! Produced by Fluffy House...

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